Wax Melts and Candles Insurance

We offer a bespoke insurance package for Craftworkers and Designer-Makers, including those who make and sell wax melts and candles.

Our specialist insurance package allows you to arrange cover for the first time or renew your existing policy in just a few minutes via our online facility.

This will give you the freedom to view, print and electronically file your policy documentation and access it whenever you need it.

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Do I need insurance to sell wax melts and candles?

Whether you sell your wax melt and candle products at craft fairs, online or in your own shop, insurance is recommended to protect your business.

Accidents can and sometimes do happen, so it’s always a good idea to be covered rather than risking being held financially liable – which could put significant strain on your small business.

If you sell your products at craft fairs or markets, you may also be required to provide proof of insurance to the organiser before you are allowed to trade – while many online craft websites also require proof of cover before you can list your products for sale on their platform.

As a business owner, you are liable for any injury or damage to customers or their property caused by what you make. For example, if one of your wax melts causes an allergic reaction to a customer who then makes a claim against you. Or if the colouring you use in a candle causes staining to a customer’s property and you failed to provide an adequate warning label. If you do not have insurance in place then you may have to pay any legal fees and compensation payouts yourself.

What insurance do I need to sell wax melts and candles?

Here at CLEAR we offer a bespoke insurance package that provides a wide range of cover for craft workers and designer-makers – including those who make and sell wax melts and candles.

Our standard package includes the following insurance covers:

Public Liability Insurance

This can protect your business against any claims made if your business activities have caused an injury or property damage.

For example, if you have a shop and a customer slips over and injures themselves they could make a claim against you.

Public Liability claims can arise from several circumstances, so it is important to have cover in place so that you and your business is protected should an accident happen.

At CLEAR, we offer Public Liability cover up to £5 million for any one event. Get a free online quote now.

Product Liability Insurance

As your wax melts or candle business is focussed on making products to sell, product liability can provide cover in case someone is injured by a faulty product that you have made, designed and/or sold.

Product Liability insurance can protect you against the cost of compensation for:

Personal injury caused by a faulty product - such as wax or candle burns

Loss of, or damage to, property caused by your faulty product

Unforeseeable circumstances such as product faults that your quality control system failed to identify.

At CLEAR, we offer up to £5 million of Products Liability cover for any one period of insurance – which includes sales to the US and Canada. Get a free online quote now.

Employers Liability Insurance

If your wax melts or candle business has employees, it is a legal requirement to have an Employers’ Liability insurance policy in place.

This can protect your business against legal and compensation expenses from claims made by your employees. For instance, if an employee was to have an accident at your place of work or while carrying out other business activities such as running a stall at a craft fair.

Most businesses in the UK are required to have at least £5 million of employers’ liability cover, here at CLEAR we provide up to £10 million of cover to craft businesses. Get a free online quote now.

Other types of craft insurance available

The following valuable optional covers are also now available:

  • 'All-risks’ cover for contents, stock, machinery, and equipment – starting at a minimum sum of £5,000 – it needs to be sufficient to repair or replace the property equal to its condition when new.
  • If taken out, Goods in Transit cover can also be included when sending items by post or third-party carrier (limits apply).
  • Business interruption with a £50,000 set sum which insured per 12-month indemnity period.
  • Cover for loss of profit and additional costs of working up to £50,000 following a valid property damage claim. Please contact us if you require a higher sum insured.

Additional benefits include:

  • Products Liability cover for USA as standard, with an excess of just £250
  • There is no need to split your business property covers between stock/content when purchasing cover through CLEAR
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How much does wax melt and candle insurance cost?

The cost of insurance will depend on a variety of factors, such as: the type of products you are making and selling, the location and size of your business, the level of cover you require and so on.

To see how much your cover may cost, get a free online quote now.

When should I get wax melts and candles insurance?

Other than Employers’ Liability insurance, which is a legal requirement, there is no set rule on when you should buy cover such as Public or Product Liability insurance.

However, as accidents can happen at any time, here at CLEAR we recommend you buy cover as soon as possible after starting your business to make sure you are protected should something happen. If you are selling products – whether that’s online or via markets and craft fairs – then you are running a business and it is important to protect yourself and your business against risks.