Risk management solutions

CLEAR's risk management advice is an important part of our work with clients providing a tailored approach to their needs. We can advise directly and introduce specific services that assist you in managing your risk in order to protect every aspect of the organisation, from your employees and visitors, to your property and the business itself.

CLEAR's risk management approach can support your business by assisting with a number of roles, such as a Health & Safety Manager, Risk Auditor or Training Provider. Our comprehensive partnership approach can help you outsource risk management functions or supplement your existing infrastructure. As your trusted insurance broker we will have a thorough understanding of your business and will be ideally placed to help you control your risks and limit your exposure to loss.

What our customers have to say

Services available

Our risk advisers will help you directly as well as act as a knowledge portal for other services to include:

  • Access to external health & safety specific experts
  • We can organise health & safety and risk management training
  • Online access to industry specific guidance
  • Health & safety self-audit and document management system
  • On-site health & safety audits and advice
  • Assistance with business continuity management and disaster recovery planning
  • Updates of current and future legislation changes that could affect your business

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