Our insurance audit

At CLEAR we pride ourselves on our exceptional service, client-focused approach and attention to detail, which has led to us developing a free Business Insurance Audit service to help save you time and money.

Our confidential audit service allows business owners to benchmark their insurance arrangements without the need to undertake a costly and laborious tender process. The service will provide an accurate analysis of potential risk exposures, how these exposures match against your current programme and additional Health & Safety and Risk Management considerations to protect your business.

Without interfering with your current insurance arrangements, our review team will produce an assessment of your risk profile and compare this against your existing insurance programme. We will provide you with feedback from our findings and include commentary on the suitability of insurer, recommendations, pricing and programme design.

We feel that it is essential that companies periodically conduct a review of their insurance arrangements to satisfy concerns relating to:

  • Your current insurance programme and whether it covers the key risk exposures of your business
  • Whether your current insurance programme is placed with the most suitable insurers and for the most realistic price
  • If there is an alternative way of structuring your insurance programme that could bring added benefits to your business

Service features and benefits

  • CLEAR provide this service free of charge and have the potential to save you money
  • Our Chartered Insurance Broker status is a measure of our professionalism and the quality of service you can expect during and after an audit
  • We can provide an entirely confidential service so it does not interfere with any relationship you may have with your current broker
  • Our audit will successfully check that you have the correct covers in place
  • The audit will take in to account your trade process, Risk Management and Health & Safety procedures to ensure that positive risk features are reflected in the premium that you pay
  • Our position of strength as a top 10 UK independent insurance broker and member of Brokerbility gives us buying power to negotiate wide cover to suit your business

What our customers have to say


What you need to know

How long will an audit take?
Usually an audit will last at least one to two hours. We will take the time required to ensure the review is thorough.
Specific to a confidential audit or silent review, why shouldn't I tell my broker or involve several brokers?
This will prevent ‘mass marketing’ of your business, which does little to create serious interest from underwriters. In addition, a silent review will be a true test of the job that your current broker is doing for you.


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