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UK firms buy themselves some time by stockpiling ahead of Brexit

Parliament remains in deadlock, and any hope of the UK leaving the EU with a deal before 23 May – when EU parliament elections are to be held – is at an all-time low. Faced with yet another likely cliff edge and no-deal outcome in October, large firms and SME businesses alike are still stockpiling resources in preparation for potential shortages and delays to their EU supply chains.

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Announced: The charities we'll be supporting this year across the UK

Every year, each of our offices nominate a selection of charities that they’d like to support with fundraising over the course of the following 12 months.

CLEAR’s charity commission then makes the final decision on who each office will support. They’ve now reviewed this year’s nominations, and, taking into consideration our stated aim to concentrate on smaller, local charities over the next 12 months, they’ve made their decision.

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