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Spring is finally here and we are pleased to share our Spring Newsletter which we hope you find of interest. It contains a mix of news which we hope you find relevant and insightful.

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Howard Lickens, CEO


The Insurance Act is coming…

The government recently made some of the biggest changes to insurance law in over a century when they announced the Insurance Act 2015. The Act introduces some new obligations on customers, which are counterbalanced by strict remedies for insurers.

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Protect Yourself with Crime Cover

You may feel that your employees would never steal from you or that your business would never be the victim of theft, but the reality is that nearly every business eventually falls victim to fraud or theft. Nowadays, thieves (including your employees) do not need direct access to cash to steal from you; merchandise, supplies and securities are all fair game. Essentially, any product can be a target for thieves if there is an opportunity to make a resale profit.

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Launch of Our New Website

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website. Our new and improved website offers our customers 5 key features which we hope will serve you better:

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Our employees of the year 2015 - Lianne and Mark

In 2014, Clear launched the Pauline Uludag Employee of the Year Award in memory of our well-loved Claims Manager Pauline Uludag, who lost her fight with illness in December 2012 and passed away. Pauline joined Clear in November 2011, having been a friend of many of us and was well-liked and respected. She was known for her exemplary standards, cheerful and considerate demeanour and genuine warmth towards clients, colleagues and insurers.

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