Ransomware attacks: Have you prepared your business?

2017 has been filled with businesses reporting cyber-attacks and with ransomware now the most likely cyber-threat to UK businesses, have you made sure your business is ready?

The highly publicised WannaCry attack, carried out in May, is a notable example of the devastating impact a ransomware attack can have.

After infecting just one computer, WannaCry can spread to every device in a network within seconds. It infected more than 200,000 computers and disrupted many NHS hospitals in England and Scotland, infecting up to an estimated 70,000 devices including computers, MRI scanners, blood-storage refrigerators and theatre equipment.

Cyber Security Precautions

Some experts recommend that you should not pay the ransomware if you’ve been hacked, as there is no guarantee that the hackers will return the files to you unharmed, if returned at all. Experts also recommend that you take the following precautions:

  • Update your network security
  • Run the Windows update and turn on auto-updaters, if available
  • Install and update anti-virus as well as anti-malware software on all of your organisation’s computers
  • Provide your employees with cyber security training. This should include valuable best practices, such as how to recognise a cyber attack and phishing email scams
  • Back up your documents regularly onto a separate drive
  • Purchase comprehensive cyber insurance to ensure that your organisation can sustain a cyber attack

How CLEAR can assist?

Our specialists can work with you to design a risk management programme supported by cyber liability insurance to provide protection for your cyber exposures.Contact your nearest CLEAR office and we will be happy to help:

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