COVID-19 Update - Unoccupied Property Stance

COVID-19 Update - Unoccupied Property Stance

As a result of the distancing measures that have been implemented by the Government, we are aware that a large number of our clients will be in the situation where their property/properties may have become unoccupied.

As we are receiving varying advice/recommendations/requirements from all insurers, we have compiled a list of our key insurer's resources linking to their current stance on unoccupied properties. We felt that this would be an easier way of communicating than listing all of the insurers stances on one page.

Please follow the link to your relevant insurer for their most recent update.         

Please note updates may well be received from Insurers which override the information contained within the links and we will update you on a regular basis with more information as and when it is available:       

If your current Insurer is not listed above please note we are waiting for confirmation of their stance and will communicate/update as and when further information becomes available.

These are unprecedented circumstances that are changing daily, so we are encouraging our clients to contact us directly if you are unsure of anything regarding your insurance cover.

Our advisers are here to help

Please contact your usual CLEAR adviser if you have any questions. Our general contact details are as follows: 0330 0948 740 or email us.

Our Claims team

With reference to ongoing claims/potential new claims please liaise/notify us using your usual contact and our Claims Team will be more than willing to assist.

You can reach our Claims team on 0208 092 9790 or email them


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