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A tasty afternoon for our property ladies

On Thursday 24th October, Georgia and Serena from our property team organized a fabulous cheese and wine tasting afternoon for ladies in property, both colleagues and clients. We’re pleased to share details of the tasting and photos from the day: 

Where was it held and what did we taste?

The afternoon was held at Neal’s Yard Dairy in Borough Market, just a short stroll from CLEAR’s City office. Neal’s Yard Dairy are experts in cheese, working with about 40 cheesemakers in the UK and Ireland to select, mature and sell farmhouse cheese.

We arrived at 3 pm and our guests were given a guided cheese and wine tasting by the lovely and knowledgeable Ellen from Neal’s Yard Dairy. 

We tasted 9 kinds of cheese, learned how they were made and background/origin of the cheesemaker for each cheese. We were then encouraged to discuss and give feedback on each cheese and try the different accompaniments with them (all local produce).

Neal’s Yard Dairy paired each cheese with a different wine (white and red) and there was also a local beer to try with a few of the cheeses.

What did we learn?

Rennet is an enzyme which is used to coagulate milk so that it forms a thick curd which then turns into cheese. Traditionally rennet is extracted from the stomach lining of a calf which means that a lot of cheese isn’t vegetarian.

However these days some farmers are starting to make more vegetarian-friendly cheeses, by using vegetable-based rennet. 

What were our favourite cheeses?

Most of the party enjoyed the Baron Bigod cheese from a farm in Suffolk. It was a very soft and gooey brie-style cheese. 

There was certainly no waste – after the tutoring was finished, we polished off all of the cheese in the middle of the table and any leftovers were wrapped up for us to take home.

What were our favourite tipples?

The red wine was a huge hit, and this was paired up with delicious blue cheeses – Colston Bassett Stilton and Stichelton.

The beer was also a surprising hit, and it was even nicer to learn that it was locally brewed in Bermondsey at the Kernel Brewery.

Thanks and photos

We’d like to say a huge thanks to all of our ladies who attended and also to Ellen and the staff at Neal’s Yard Dairy. We're already looking forward to organising next year's ladies event!

Click on the below gallery to see our photos from this fabulous afternoon: