Announcing the shortlist for this quarter’s CLEAR employee award!

We’re excited to announce the shortlist for his quarter's Pauline Uludag Employee of the Year Award. To recognise the achievement, the 6 worthy nominees below have each been rewarded, while the overall winner is set to receive an even bigger reward at the end of the month.

The aim of our employee awards is  to celebrate staff excellence across the business throughout the year.

The staff who appear on the shortlist for the prestigious Pauline Uludag Award were nominated by their colleagues and exemplify CLEAR’s professional ethos, making exceptional contributions to the business during the pandemic — so a big congratulations to those nominated!

Check out the complete shortlist below, listed in alphabetical order, along with a brief summary of the reason given for their nomination:

Carly Whiffen, CLEAR MPW:

C Whiffen winner

Carly was nominated for being a considerate, thoughtful and efficient team member and who goes above and beyond to find solutions to any problem.

Her lovely demeanour and great sense of positivity has been refreshing to colleagues in these difficult times and those that get to work with her find it a truly positive experience.


Caroline Archer, Claims:

C Archer winnerCaroline has led a Covid-19 specialist team and helped coordinate processes with the other offices/branches to centralise all the Covid claims data. She has attended our specialist Covid-related internal briefing webinars as part of this role and helped analyse the wordings and exclusions for the different classes of business.

Caroline has without doubt gone beyond the expectations of her role to research and provide excellent technical claims handling and technical advice to our claims team.

Caroline is the go to person for interpretations of insurance policies regarding potential Covid claims and by providing support has allowed the Claims team to be ready for whatever new developments and outcomes occur of the FCA test case.

Chris Moir, Finance:

C Moir winnerChris has worked unstintingly hard ever since joining CLEAR. During the last 6 months he stood in following the departure of the department manager and has kept our investors informed with management information during the early Covid-19 period.

With the arrival of a new CFO, Chris has provided support and contributed massively to audits and forecasting models for future acquisitions, all the time remaining cheerful throughout. Named as an unsung hero by colleagues.

Elaine Ryan, Morrisons:

E Ryan winner Elaine has been described as instrumental by colleagues in the transition stage of Morrison Insurance joining The Clear Group. She has been involved in many aspects of the business including compliance, HR, finance, operations, and premises and continues to strive to learn new systems, deal with the challenges of integration and present new and innovative solutions. Elaine was described by a colleague as ‘a tremendous asset for CLEAR in the future’.

Nick Smallcorn, Corporate:

N Smallcorn winnerNick has been nominated for the establishment and continued daily efforts of our specialist Covid-related team. Nick used his initiative to establish this team and to provide a support network across the business for Covid-related matters. Nick’s open and approachable manner has been highly praised with some saying they felt they would have been lost throughout the pandemic without the support of this team.


The team has given people across the business the opportunity to meet new colleagues throughout the group and open channels of communication that may have alternatively been hard to establish.

Vikki Down, Marketline:

V Goodson winnerIn addition to her day job, Vikki has taken on the role as mentor to the junior colleagues in the team. Guiding and training them during the lockdown period remotely, it is understood by those that work closely with Vikki that she always puts team members before herself.


Her regular check-ins to make sure people are OK, both in terms of work and personally are really appreciated. As the markets started trading, Vikki has also been the team member that attended the office to complete the team's printing for clients that didn’t have emails.

Who will be our overall winner?

Our staff will be voting for the winner up until 5pm, Friday 18th September. Stay tuned for the end of the month when we’ll be announcing the overall winner across our social channels. To stay updated make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.







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