Jason Baggott Recommendations

Dear Jason, You may recall back in February we were chatting about my pending move to premises. I had a checklist as long as my arm and my head was spinning.

You then pointed out to me that I needed to protect my contents (pc’s etc..) and I had not even given this a thought!!! 5 questions (& answers) later, followed by some detailed and diligent research from you, I had a bespoke quotation in my inbox clearly explaining the cover I needed and the cost involved.

Jason, you are a life saver and thank you for doing what you did for me, how promptly you did it for me and in the manner in which you carried out your work for me.

I would recommend you Jason for not only being calm in amongst my mad world but also making sure my business was not vulnerable and exposed to the unexpected.

Samantha Wicks, Director of Best Mortgage Solutions Ltd