Residential property insurance

Many insurance brokers claim to be Property Specialists but what does that actually mean? At CLEAR we understand the world of residential property; we know what property owners and their managers need from their insurance advisers. And we know that service means speedy problem solving time after time, it means being consistent and it means having experts with deep specialist knowledge of the sector.

At CLEAR we number among our clients some of the biggest managing agents in the country as well as some of the smallest. What brings them together is that they value an adviser with proven specialist knowledge and with access not just to the best insurers but to the best experts those insurers have. Insurance costs form a large part of service charges so owners, managers and tenants all need to know that they are buying the right cover at the right price from a top insurer with excellent service.

No two properties are the same and a one size fits all approach cannot work for all clients. We pride ourselves on our unique approach; providing dedicated advice in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner using technology where it helps, delivering to our clients and their stakeholders the reassurance that their asset is properly protected. We make the most of technology, including an online claims management system, yet our service is unashamedly traditional: personal and professional, focused on quality and attention to detail.

Delivering all that is what makes CLEAR a Property Specialist.

Cover features and benefits

  • Tailor-made cover designed to provide the best possible protection for your residential property
  • Cover available for most commercial property types
  • Buildings insurance, including apartments or blocks of flats
  • Leaseholder's insurance
  • Engineering inspection and insurance for lifts
  • Directors and Officers Liability cover
  • Bespoke policy wording available with enhanced cover
  • Options available for Terrorism cover
  • Contract vetting to indentify insurance requirements for major works
  • Access to dedicated property insurance specialists, claim advisors and our 24/7 online claims reporting service

What our customers have to say


What you need to know

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our residential property cover.

Can you offer and 'enhanced' level of cover?
CLEAR can provide bespoke Policy Wording to clients with enhanced cover. As an independent broker we have the flexibility to provide a tailored service to each client and are not bound by the rigidity associated with large corporate organisations. No two property companies are the same and a 'one size fits all' approach is not to the benefit of our clients.

Usually different types of property can be covered under a single portfolio arrangement and we have negotiated enhanced policy wordings to ensure you don’t have to decide what additional extensions you need.

Can you guarantee the security of the insurance company?
CLEAR's policy aims to work with only those insurers with a Standard & Poor's (S&P) rating of 'A' or above (for a better understanding of what these ratings mean, please see http://www.spratings.com/en_US/understanding-ratings). Cancellation clauses are available should an insurers security rating fall below 'A'.

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