Insurance for quoted companies

CLEAR is committed to the small and mid-cap markets and our expertise in this field has been recognised by the Quoted Companies Alliance (QCA), who recommend us to their members for essential covers when seeking market flotation.

We recognise the requirements of listed companies and our dedicated professionals provide a wide range of covers for quoted companies on all markets including AIM, NEX (formerly ISDX) and for Full Listings. We also work closely with specialist advisors, including solicitors, accountants, Nomads and industry bodies, to help them give their clients and members essential insurance advice.

Which quoted company insurance services and covers do CLEAR provide?

We assist professional advisors in key areas relating to directors & officers insurance and prospectus liability and in addition we can assist with:

  • Prospectus cover for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and further placements either standalone or part of the directors and officers policy
  • Worldwide group business travel insurance protecting all directors, employees and consultants
  • Public liability and employers liability for both UK and overseas risks
  • Cover for the listed company’s property assets 
  • Pollution or environmental impairment liability
  • Warranty and indemnity insurance to assist with mergers and acquisitions
  • Crime insurance cover
  • Kidnap and ransom protection for directors and key staff

What our customers have to say


What you need to know

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our quoted companies insurance.

What do I need to consider when buying directors and officers insurance?
Any company buying directors and officers insurance needs to carefully examine whether a small premium saving each year is worth the risk of having cover that won’t respond when they need it most. We have worked with the Quoted Companies Alliance to prepare a useful briefing document outlining the main considerations, which you can view by clicking here. To understand more about how you or your organisation may be affected contact Daniel Innes on 0207 280 3471.
What limit of indemnity should I buy?
You should carefully consider your exposure when selecting an indemnity limit and remember that the limit will include defence costs which are very often higher than the actual claim. Factors that need to be taken into account include market cap, amount raised in placings within the last 6 years, the volatility of the share price and shareholder structure. On an issue such as this we would recommend you contact CLEAR to discuss the most appropriate limit for you.
Does directors and officers policy cover secondary placings as well as the IPO?
Most ‘standard’ directors and officers for private policies will exclude both IPO’s and share placements unless notified. Our normal recommendation for new policies is that all existing placings be included within the policy with allowance for future placings up to a set threshold. The ‘free’ threshold for future placings would depend on the market cap of the company at the time of inception. Future raisings above the threshold can usually be covered subject to insurers review and an additional premium based on the amount raised. It is important to understand the limitations of cover in this area so make sure you ask your Broker to explain how your policy works.
Do directors and officers have to be ‘named’ on the policy?
No, almost every policy will cover every retired, past, current and future director of the company (subject to the terms and conditions of the policy).
Are all subsidiary companies covered by directors and officers insurance?
In most circumstances, yes. You should ensure any subsidiary company meets insurers definition of ‘Subsidiary’ and this is usually greater than 50% ownership or control. Be wary of subsidiary companies in countries where you must have a local policy in place (and cannot rely on the parent policy), such as Switzerland, Brazil and India. If you are in any doubt specifically raise the question with your insurance broker.
Is directors and officers cover provided on a worldwide basis?
In most cases yes, but be sure to look out for specific exclusions (such as USA or North American Exclusions) which would remove cover in total for those Countries. Again you need to be careful in countries where you have Subsidiaries to check whether local policies are required such as India, Brazil and Switzerland.

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