Insurance for barristers

CLEAR recognised that a standard office policy was far from adequate to fulfil the specific interests of barristers chambers, so we researched the market, consulted with many heads of chambers and established an insurance policy designed by barristers, for barristers.

We first launched our bespoke barristers chambers package over twenty years ago and have worked hard to continuously improve it, ensuring it provides comprehensive cover for chambers both large and small.

Cover features and benefits

  • Property Damage including barristers’ own furniture, works of art or similar contents
  • Automatic Business Interruption cover for increased cost of working
  • Automatic Worldwide ‘All Risks’ cover for wig, gown, clothing and personal effects, including legal and reference books
  • The definition of ‘Insured’ includes not only chambers but also individual barristers and pupils
  • Automatic Public Liability limit of indemnity £10,000,000
  • Homeworkers property extension of £5,000
  • AGM/Conference cancellation costs £5,000

What our customers have to say

What you need to know

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our barristers cover:

Does the policy cover barristers themselves?
Yes, there's no need to individually name them.
Can I replace my lost or damaged wig or gown with a second-hand replacement?
Yes, with prior approval, as we understand that not all barristers wish to purchase new garments.
Does Public Liability insurance cover reception and hospitality events?
Yes, as long as they do not include unusual activities.
Does the policy cover work experience people?
Yes, within the definition of 'Employee' under the Employers Liability section.

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