Insurance for garden squares

For customised insurance for garden squares, CLEAR are a pioneering broker, having specialised in this sector since the late 1990s. Our experience in this market may still be unique. We provide cover for gardens and their committee members to protect against significant risks including exposures under the Kensington Improvement Act and the London Squares Preservation Act.

Our specialist knowledge and experience has helped CLEAR to provide insurance packages for over 60 garden squares in the London area alone. We understand the need to protect the gardens, street furniture and play equipment against the most common risks, such as vandalism and theft, but also in the cases of those less frequent events, including firework displays, parties and even terrorism.

Cover features and benefits

  • Cover is available for both the gardens and their management committees
  • Cover available for garden squares UK-wide
  • Full 'all risks' cover, including full theft of garden equipment (subject to conditions), terrorism, employer’s and public liability and personal protection for committee members
  • Cover is included for public events such as garden parties, Open Garden Square days and firework displays

What our customers have to say


What you need to know

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our garden squares insurance scheme.

What can you provide cover for?
CLEAR can provide highly customised solutions for your garden square, including full 'all risks', which covers theft (subject to certain conditions), terrorism, employer’s and public liability insurance.
Can we obtain insurance in respect of holding a single or annual firework event in our square?
Yes. Public firework events are covered subject to Insurers’ guidelines.  We can advise you on this topic further, just give CLEAR a call.
Will our playground equipment be insured?
Absolutely.  We understand that many garden squares have children’s play areas, which are often at risk from vandalism or theft.  Playground equipment is covered subject to certain conditions.


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