A CLEAR review revealed a major gap in cover

A prestigious garment-service company approached CLEAR's Leamington team with a request to perform a confidential review of their insurance. They wanted to make sure that the cover their current broker had arranged for them was correct.

CLEAR was happy to help, and in the course of the review discovered that the policy in force was no longer providing enough protection for the client's business. The broker in question, it seems, had failed to take into account the firm's expansion and change in operations, and so the basis of the original policy was no longer accurate.  

To remedy the problem, CLEAR immediately set about building a new insurance programme. Using our extensive knowledge of insurance wording, and leveraging our strong relationship with insurers, we made sure that all the client's business activities were fully insured. 

Today, CLEAR continues to work closely with the client, ensuring that any new risks arising from further expansion are correctly covered, giving them the security of knowing that they are comprehensively protected, no matter how big they grow.