Careers at CLEAR

Our success is down to our people. We only choose people with the right attitude, experience and ability to do a great job for our clients, in a refreshingly informal way.

We are always looking for people to join us, people that will thrive in an environment where you can make your own decisions, use your initiative and where your contribution is valued.

We don’t think we have all the answers, at least not all the right ones, so we listen and we learn and we grow as individuals and as a business, together.

We’re Chartered, so we’ll invest in your development, helping you take advantage of the opportunities of working for a fast growing independent broker.

If this sounds appealing, whether this would be your first job as a graduate or apprentice, or you’re looking to make a change for the better later in your career, please talk to us.

Speak to Shirley Adams in our HR department on 020 8329 4953 or email . When contacting us regarding opportunities, please bear in mind that the Company endeavours to meet requirements of all relevant Data Protection Regulations in the obtaining, retention and use, access, disclosure, and final disposal of personal data.  The attached Company’s Employee Privacy Statement explains the Company’s approach.

Learning and development
Although the insurance industry is subject to strict regulation, our commitment to the continual development of all colleagues is and always has been paramount. We have been doing it for a long time. That’s why we became a Chartered Broker.

We also know only too well that drive, potential and willingness to learn are sometimes more relevant than academic qualifications. People are different and learn in different ways, so we have a range of ways to satisfy these needs, including:

  • Classroom style group study for professional qualifications
  • Financial support in attaining professional qualifications
  • Convenient facilities such as e-learning
  • Access to external training programmes
  • The opportunity to work with and learn from industry specialists
  • Job shadowing, secondment and project work

Put succinctly, we provide the support and encouragement to take control of your own development.  If you want to know more about this topic, speak to Melanie Barker, our Head of Learning & Development, on 07789 901 032 or email .

Graduates, Apprentices and Trainees
As a graduate, apprentice or trainee with CLEAR, we are dedicated to your development and will help you understand every facet of the business through structured training programmes that will focus on growing technical ability, soft skills development, significant on-the-job training and coaching from external trainers and mentors.

As you would expect from a Chartered Broker, we will encourage you at every opportunity to pursue your professional insurance qualifications to ensure that you are constantly developing in a role where you can realise your career aspirations.

Chartered insurance brokers
Clear Insurance Management was awarded Chartered status in the summer of 2013, joining only a select number of brokers to uphold and maintain the standards set by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

How our Chartered status benefits our clients

Achieving Chartered status brings with it a range of ongoing responsibilities that we are required to uphold to ensure that the advice, service and ongoing support we provide our clients is:

  • Of the highest standard
  • Based exclusively on your researched needs
  • Provided by a professional operating at the correct level of proficiency

In order to achieve Chartered status Clear Insurance Management had to satisfy a number of rigid qualification criteria in addition to a commitment to the industry standard Code of Ethics. This responsibility includes:

  • Continual development of all our personnel, ensuring their level of professional knowledge is always informed, accurate and relevant. 
  • Encouragement and support of our teams to undertake individual technical and professional qualifications 
  • Ensuring most of our customer-facing teams are registered members of the CII and adhere to its Code of Ethics and Conduct.
At Clear we are a diverse organisation and our aim is to ensure that all applicants and employees; regardless of sex, race, religious belief, age, disability or sexual orientation are treated equally, in a setting that is both professional and welcoming.

Our recruitment and selection policies focus on a candidate’s skills, experience and potential. Similarly, our promotion policy is based upon fair and consistent treatment of each employee and ensures that colleagues are developed and/or promoted on the basis of their individual ability and suitability for the role in question.