At CLEAR we have a simple approach to achieving successful acquisitions - it's the same as choosing staff and clients; it's about picking the right ones, where there's a meeting of minds. The best deals work for all the key stakeholders - yes, the price must be right, but if it doesn't work for your clients and your team too, then it's unlikely to work for you or us either.

We look for businesses whose owners we can work with because they share our values and want a deal that meets their wider objectives for the continuing success of their business and enterprise.

We are open and honest from the start. If we like the look of a business and what it can do to improve CLEAR, we'll make you a good offer and discuss with you any changes we might want to make. We won't rip the heart out of your business, nor will we pretend there will be no change. We integrate the businesses we buy so we can make the enlarged business stronger.

We will value you and your team, after all it’s your relationships we are investing in. In our experience of 36 acquisitions since CLEAR's formation, we find vendors reinvigorated by handing over the 'chores' to us and getting back to their clients. 

We probably aren't the acquirer that can offer you the highest multiple, but if you want to directly influence the successful transition, you'll probably value being consulted and engaged. Above all else we will listen to you and work with you - we don't assume to know better.

What you need to know

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our acquisitions:

Which companies have CLEAR acquired?

These are our 38 acquisitions to date:

You can find our acquisition press releases in our news area here

How does the acquisition process work with CLEAR?

There are four steps to our acquisition process and these are:

  • Step 1: Preliminary discussions – 'getting to know you.'
  • Step 2: Factfinding
  • Step 3: Offer
  • Step 4: Finalising the deal

We have written a useful blog piece outlining these stages in more detail. Click here to read more.

Get in touch

Speak to our Acquisition Director

If this approach sounds appealing, speak to Emma on 020 8329 4925 for an initial chat in the strictest confidence.