About us

At its heart, insurance is simple – it’s all about “peace of mind”. When something goes badly wrong, you need help from someone who cares - no ifs, no buts.

So here are some great reasons to choose CLEAR:

Why choose CLEAR?

When you call us we won’t ask you to "press 1 for a quotation"…filtering out the new business enquiries whilst existing clients wait in a queue…we will treat you as you deserve to be treated.

So when you choose CLEAR you will be in the hands of an expert you can rely on, someone you can build a relationship with, who cares and will do the right thing…because these are our values and that’s why we’re different.

That’s why 95% of our clients stay with us year after year.

We know the jargon-ridden insurance world can be confusing so it’s up to us to make it simple, to work with you to establish the right protection at the right price, for your business, your people or your home. From large international companies with complex needs served by a dedicated team of specialists, to individuals seeking to protect start-up enterprises or the family home, we want to help.

Whilst size isn’t everything, it does help. Placing over £120m of premium for our clients gets us the attention of the best underwriters whilst our membership of Brokerbility, the leading network of independent brokers, elevates our status further. Brokerbility members control over £600m collectively, and as one of the largest members, we know the key people at the leading insurers and they know us – handy on those occasions, thankfully few and far between, when things don’t go as planned..

And when something goes wrong, our dedicated claims team know how to get your claim the urgent attention it deserves. Of the thousands of claims we handle each year, from the devastating house fire to life changing personal injuries, just a handful run into difficulties. But how we do business and our reputation for fairness, means you have the best team in your corner and your insurers will listen to us.

We hope you’ll only have to ask yourself once, why CLEAR? After that it should be obvious.

Our values
As an intermediary, distributing insurers’ products, we have to stand out from the crowd by maintaining distinctive values. As we grow we talk about what this means all the time, because strongly held, shared values can be powerful in influencing how we behave and the service we provide. So in our business planning, our team gatherings and day to day activities we keep a focus on our:

  • Culture – we treasure our informality and transparency and recognise that such freedoms require discipline and accountability
  • Relationships – whether you’re our client, our insurer partner, another broker or a colleague, we will treat you as we would wish to be treated to help build a lasting trust between us
  • Sustainability – we’re still a young business with a long term plan, to provide clients, colleagues and other stakeholders with enduring security, certainty and continuity
  • Behaviour – underpinning all this is our maxim ‘do the right thing’ – when applied to a difficult situation, this simple expression normally shines a light on the obvious response.

So, if you don’t find us living up to these values we’d like your feedback. And if you do, we’d love to hear from you.

At CLEAR we have a simple approach to achieving successful acquisitions - it's the same as choosing staff and clients, it's about picking the right ones, where there's a meeting of minds. The best deals work for all the key stakeholders - yes, the price must be right, but if it doesn't work for your clients and your team too, then it's unlikely to work for you or us either.

So we look for businesses whose owners we can work with because they share our values and want a deal that meets their wider objectives for the continuing success of their business and enterprise.

We are open and honest from the start. If we like the look of a business and what it can do to improve CLEAR, we'll make you a good offer and discuss with you any changes we might want to make. We won't rip the heart out of your business, nor will we pretend there will be no change. We integrate the businesses we buy so we can make the enlarged business stronger.

We will value you and your team, after all it’s your relationships we are investing in. In our experience of 24 acquisitions since CLEAR's formation, we find vendors reinvigorated by handing over the 'chores' to us and getting back to their clients. Stephen Potter is still with us after he joined CLEAR in 2006, he promised us 6 months when he sold Burgess Potter. He credits his remarkable tenure here down to "feeling my contribution is valued and Howard and Gary remaining true to their promises".

We probably aren't the acquirer that can offer you the highest multiple, but if you want to directly influence the successful transition, you'll probably value being consulted and engaged. Above all else we will listen to you and work with you - we don't assume to know better.

If this approach sounds appealing contact Gary O'Donnell ACII, Deputy CEO, for an initial conversation in the strictest confidence.

These are our acquisitions to date:

  • 2018  John Ansell & Partners
  • 2018  Genavco
  • 2018  Robert Alexander
  • 2017  MPW
  • 2015  Emson
  • 2015  Hibbert
  • 2014  Heartland
  • 2013  Steveni Kessler
  • 2011  Bryant Kesek
  • 2011  McHale Heaney & Marketline
  • 2010  Foster & Lamb
  • 2009  Southern
  • 2009  Houlder
  • 2009  Lynas Vokes
  • 2008  Highway
  • 2008  APL Protection
  • 2007  The National Solicitors Network
  • 2006  Burgess Potter
  • 2006  Kempster Lobo
  • 2004  Bloomsbury
  • 2003  James Dove
  • 2002  Milbourne
  • 2001  Stephens & Partners
  • 1999  Reid & Co.
Chartered broker
We take professionalism seriously but that’s not enough. We also care about people and about doing the right thing. That’s why we became Chartered Brokers in 2013, to demonstrate our commitment to delivering a quality service to you, whilst developing our team and their careers.

Chartered status brings with it a range of ongoing responsibilities that we are required to uphold to ensure that the advice, service and ongoing support we provide you is:

  • Of the highest standard
  • Based exclusively on your researched needs
  • Provided by a professional operating at the correct level of proficiency

In order to achieve Chartered status we had to satisfy a number of rigid qualification criteria in addition to a commitment to the industry standard Code of Ethics. This includes:

  • Continual development of all our personnel, ensuring their level of professional knowledge is always informed, accurate and relevant
  • Encouragement and support of our teams to undertake individual technical and professional qualifications
  • Ensuring the majority of our customer-facing colleagues are registered members of the CII and adhere to its Code of Ethics and Conduct

Lloyds broker

CLEAR is a registered Lloyd's broker, giving us direct access to a unique pool of underwriting expertise in the Lloyd's global marketplace (the world’s largest specialist insurance market). 

This means that we are well positioned to locate the best underwriters and negotiate the most favourable contractual terms for those clients who require specialist, innovative or bespoke risk solutions.

Charity of the year
In 2015 we decided to canvas our colleagues for the charity CLEAR would primarily support through fund raising activities, across all our locations. Most people will have witnessed a loved one battling cancer and so Cancer Research UK was a popular choice.

Cancer Research

Our fund raising activities ranged from a quiz night to a bake off and engaged the support of many of our staff across all offices. Our more energetic colleagues have embarked on their own personal challenges and taken the opportunity to secure sponsorship to raise funds for Cancer Research.

In 2018, we have also been supporting the following charities chosen by our 12 staff members who will be running the London Marathon on 22nd April:


You can follow our progress on our JustGiving page.

Community contribution
We recognise that communities succeed when businesses contribute, create opportunities for one another and support local initiatives. Similarly, many of the businesses that CLEAR has acquired over the years have been well thought-of and cornerstones of their respective communities.

Our roots lie in the Kingston, Wimbledon and surrounding areas, harking back to our original location, New Malden. CLEAR remains actively involved with both the Kingston Chamber of Commerce and Merton Chamber of Commerce groups.

As part of our commitment to supporting local charities, we have forged a relationship with Linden Lodge, a school for visually impaired and disabled children in Southfields. We help raise funds for the school and fund events that would otherwise not take place, such as the annual trip to Brighton, which in 2015 was imaginatively relocated to the school grounds, complete with rides and donkeys.

CLEAR is also proud to be a Corporate Partner of the Rose Theatre in Kingston, which hosts a diverse and exciting programme and is a valuable addition to the cultural life of the Borough.

We sponsor an award for Cockpit Arts, an organisation that supports Arts and Crafts businesses and we have kitted out a number of local football and cricket clubs over the years.

Speak to our Deputy CEO, Gary O'Donnell, to discuss business interests in CLEAR.

Call 020 8329 4902 or email