A large food importer and distributor who had previously purchased their buildings insurance from their landlord, approached CLEAR for a competitive quotation, following a personal recommendation from another CLEAR customer. Our experienced insurance handler advised against separate buildings insurance cover and, at the company’s request, CLEAR commenced a comprehensive review to include cover for material damage for contents, business interruption and liability insurance.

CLEAR were further able to add value by arranging various business interruption extensions, which were not previously included in the company’s current insurances, including non-damage denial of access and full failure of supply. Our prospective customer was surprised that the whole package with CLEAR came in at less than the landlord had charged for the buildings insurance alone! CLEAR were later able to add further value when our customer underwent a programme of expansion and purchased a second location where they planned to install large-scale freezers and chillers. Our food processing expertise allowed CLEAR to advise on the materials best used as well as those to be avoided e.g. the right and wrong type of composite panel.