One of CLEAR's clients, a furniture manufacturer, suffered a catastrophic fire in their workshop, resulting in a total loss. Their insurers instructed a loss adjuster and their forensic investigator advised that the fire had occurred due to breach of warranty, and as a result, our client's claim was denied.

Faced with financial ruin, which was sure to result in the loss of a number of jobs and the closure of the long-established family business, our client asked CLEAR for assistance. They categorically assured us that they had complied fully with the warranty and that all oily rags were kept in metal lidded bins. Armed with this assurance we instructed specialist lawyers and a second forensic inspection was carried out by an independent firm. Despite being weeks after the fire took place, we successfully demonstrated that an electrical fault was actually blame and that there had been no breach of warranty on our client's part.

To their credit, the report was immediately accepted by the insurer and the client’s claim for over £500,000 was met in full within a matter of days, thereby saving the business.