When a severe fire broke out at one of our clients' multi-million pound homes in London, luckily the family were unharmed.

However, the fire destroyed a large section of their home together with many of their cherished posessions. Naturally, this was very distressing for our client, but we were on hand to provide as much help as they needed and to guide them through this difficult time.

We immediately instructed and arranged to meet a Loss Adjuster at the family's home so that we could jointly assess the extent of the damage and guide our client through the claim process. Whilst on site, we arranged an urgent interim payment for the client to cover clothing and other necessities lost in the fire. As the repairs to the property were substantial and expected to take over 12 months to complete, we also ensured that alternative accommodation was arranged for the family for that period. We continued to monitor the claim closely and ensure that our client was kept fully informed of the progress throughout.