When one of CLEAR's clients, who runs an IT Services company, had a claim made against them for damages, we stepped up to the mark to guide them through the process and help them reach a resolution.

The claim made against our client was in respect of damages sought due to their customer's server backup data not having gone to a separate machine. Unfortunately, on this occasion, the backup data was only being saved to the same server and when a problem arose with their customer's server, the back up data could not be recovered. The claim was passed to our client's insurers who reviewed the circumstances and accepted the claim under the terms of the policy. The initial sum for compensation was put forward by the claimant's solicitors at £60,000 but our client's insurer took a strong stance and negotiated a reduced settlement to £35,000 upon which the claim was accepted and settled. Working with CLEAR's Claims Management team and their insurer our client was provided with an efficient resolution to the claim against them and peace of mind.