Prospective clients approached CLEAR to find out whether we could find savings on their existing home insurance premiums. The couple had existing insurance, which provided a good level of cover on the buildings, general contents and jewellery, but their broker had failed to provide a review of the cover for many years.

One of our private client experts carried out a full review with the couple and both were surprised to find that 70% of the their contents sum insured was in respect of art and antiques, which attract lower premium rates. The couple also owned a substantial amount of jewellery and their current policy covered the entire value for all risks. CLEAR considered this a potential waste of money and an area suitable for seeking savings on the couple's premiums.  Together, we considered and agreed the maximum value of jewellery they were likely to wear at any one time, including whilst on holiday and we recommended we cover all of the jewellery whilst kept in the home safes, with only their estimated maximum value when being worn being covered for all risks. Finally, since the couple had made no previous claims under their insurance, we also recommended an increased policy excess to achieve a further saving. These small but advised adjustments saved our clients in excess of £5,000 per year.